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Russell Shellberg

Fox 47 News

Multimedia Journalist

My name is Russell Shellberg, and I am your neighborhood reporter in DeWitt and St. Johns.

I started my career at Central Michigan University in 2017 majoring in Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts. At CMU, I learned the ropes of television and production while also studying the ins and outs of camera techniques. I then graduated from CMU in 2022 with a Bachelors in BCA and a minor in communications. During my last semester in college, I caught word of FOX 47 and knew I had to apply. The "in your neighborhood" aspect tied into my lifestyle because I love meeting new people and sharing stories. When I was hired in to FOX 47, I started as the Chief Photographer helping other MMJ's add complex visual aspects to their stories. Since then, I have transitioned into an MMJ myself and have the honor of reporting about the DeWitt and St. Johns communities. As a DeWitt local, I have been a part of the community and culture, and I couldn't be more excited to share stories of the wonderful community.

Aside from reporting, I love all things music. Being a vocalist and musician for 16 years keeps me busy! I play the piano, guitar, drums, ukulele and a small bit of banjo. When it comes to listening to music, I grew up on Rock n' Roll (thanks Dad) and country. In an attempt to keep old eras alive, I listen to vinyl and (this might be a surprise) cassettes! To this day, my favorite album remains to be Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. I also love to camp and try new foods when I can!

All in all, FOX 47 is a great place to be, and I am beyond excited to share your stories!


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