Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig launches write-in campaign for governor

Posted at 11:14 AM, Jun 15, 2022

LANSING, Mich. — Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig is launching a write-in campaign for governor after being disqualified from being on the August primary ballot because he did not have enough valid petition signatures.

Craig, and four other Republican primary candidates, were disqualified after the Michigan Bureau of Elections discovered rampant fraud in the signatures gathered to be put on the ballot. The Board of State Canvassers' upheld the Bureau of Elections recommendations.

He challenged this decision in court, but his appeal was denied by both the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court.

Despite some people saying that a write-in campaign is a long shot, Craig is running full force.

Craig says he knows money will be an issue but has faith in his support system.

Currently, he isn't planning any TV advertisements, but he is instead relying on social media.

Craig feels optimistic about the primary election this August.

"I wouldn't do it if I didn't think it was possible. We're going to give it our best shot," Craig said.

Craig said he knows there are financial issues to come, but he feels hopeful voters will resonate with him being the underdog.