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200 Groups Representing Michigan Citizens Oppose Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Posted at 8:46 AM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 08:47:45-04

Healthy and Productive Michigan is excited to roll out the first wave of endorsements: 200 Michigan groups and organizations are publicly opposing recreational marijuana legalization!

These groups are representative of many Michigan voters who understand that recreational marijuana would be bad for our state. The message other Michigan voters need to hear from them is that the passage of Proposal 18.1 is not inevitable and this reckless proposal must be stopped.

Scott Greenlee, President of Healthy and Productive Michigan said, “We are seeing an increase in energy and excitement over this issue. Citizens are passionate to step up and speak out to help defeat this. More marijuana available means more access for kids, and no one thinks that is a good idea.”

Greenlee continued, “This list you see on our website represents Michigan families, law enforcement, non-profits, faith communities, substance abuse programs, young adults, senior citizens - hundreds of thousands of people that are saying, ‘Wait a minute…this specific proposal is NOT good for Michigan - please join us in Voting No!’”

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce led the way early in the campaign as a champion for this cause. They recognize the significant impact passing this initiative would have on our economies, businesses and communities. Since then, many others are taking a stand and more are joining daily.

HPM Spokesman Randy Richardville, former Senate Majority Leader said, “The support is overwhelming, and the media’s interest in this topic is also increasing. We know we are far from the completion of this race and are aware that the distorted message of those trying to profit from an influx of drugs in this state is going to get bolder and stronger.”

Watch for more endorsements coming soon, and for the full list we are releasing today, click here.

Healthy and Productive Michigan is an organization committed to stopping recreational marijuana in Michigan. To learn more, donate, or volunteer please go to and find us on Facebook at Healthy and Productive Michigan.

Source: Press Release