Security remains tight at Michigan Capitol ahead of Biden inauguration

Posted at 8:33 AM, Jan 18, 2021

(WSYM) — Security is expected to remain tight at the Michigan Capitol this week ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration on Wednesday.

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It comes after about two dozen protesters gathered at the Capitol building on Sunday for a protest, one of several protests scheduled around the country.

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State Rep. Darrin Camilleri is calling for changes to how the Michigan Legislature meets after sessions were canceled this week over credible threats.

"I'm thankful that we have the Michigan State Police, the National Guard, and Capitol Commission take some steps to make sure that we are kept safe, but I want to make sure we can do more to make sure we can continue working on behalf of the people," he said.

He said some steps could include increasing the security at the Capitol itself or allowing lawmakers to work remotely.

"We can still work on legislation, fix our unemployment system, do more to fix our roads, address COVID, get more vaccinations out there, but we can't do that every time we're shut down because of this violence," he added.