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Patrick Colbeck (R) for Governor candidate bio

Posted at 2:02 PM, Aug 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-06 15:31:10-04

Patrick Colbeck has served two terms in the Michigan Senate. He has an aerospace engineering degree from University of Michigan and has instructed kids at Space Camp.

Before going into politics he was a small business owner for six years. In 2011, he founded the Michigan Freedom Center with a mission to "serve those who serve us," in the military.

He has been recognized as the Most Conservative Senator over the past 2 years in a row and 3 times in his 7 years of service. He led the Senate to turn around Michigan's economy by restoring the Freedom of Assembly to rank and file workers and making Michigan the 24th Right To Work state in the country.

He's running on "Principled Solutions," which he defines as "solutions to the issues we face as a state are driven by guiding principles, not the whims of powerful special interests." His "principled solutions" are: job growth, excellence in education, no state income tax, budgets driven by priorities of the citizens of the state, better roads, quality and affordable healthcare, affordable auto insurance, defending your rights and supporting those who secure your rights.

“It’s time to end politics-as-usual in Lansing and return government back to the people," said Colbeck. "When people hear about our Principled Solutions, they are behind us 100%. Look around the state and you will see an energy in our campaign like none other."

He touts that the government works for the people, not the other way around. Also, that tax increases should be a last option not a first.

"We can work towards eliminating the personal income tax. We can fix our roads so they will last 50 years. We can lower prices on auto insurance without skimping on care. It just takes Principles Solutions and I have them.”

He wants sustained fiscal prosperity to be achieved, and thinks that can happen with a moral and religious society.

He has also been honored as the Legislator of the Year by the Police Officers Association of Michigan, The Senior Alliance, and Associated Builders and Contractors.

He has been endorsed by Right To Life of Michigan, Ted Cruz, the Michigan Fair Tax Association, and the NRA-PVF.

Here's a link to his website: Colbeck for Gov