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Williamston school board member speaks on recall election

Posted at 8:04 AM, Sep 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-06 08:50:24-04

Four members of the Williamston Community School Board are facing a recall election this November.

Sarah Belanger, Nancy Deal, Greg Talberg and Christopher Lewis will have to campaign to keep their seat.

A recall petition drive was spear headed by Jonathan Brandt after the district passed Policy 8011.

“The policy in question in regards to recall is policy 8011, which was a gender identity policy’, said Dr. Christopher Lewis.

“It is an opportunity for people within the community to make a decision and to decide if what is happening in the school district right now is a positive thing.”

The policy also helps families develop support plans for students who identify as transgender.

“We felt it was important to have a policy that would recognize all students that would allow for all students to feel supported and to feel that they could come forward and be able to get the support that they needed”, Dr. Lewis explained.

Back in January, Brandt told News 10 Policy 8011 creates a support program for transgender students that excludes other kids.

Last year, Brandt started the petition drive for the recall.

According to Lewis the recall was made official by the Ingham County Clerk's office Tuesday.

“In the end, the four of us that are up for recall are committed to the district”, Lewis stated.

“We are committed to the students, we're committed to what we are doing to help our district to be a quality district and we are a quality district.”