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Whitmer Prepared For Tough Race

Posted: 8:51 AM, Aug 10, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-10 12:51:12Z

Her campaign slogan is: "Fix the Damn Roads" but how is she planning on paying for it?

Fresh off her primary win FOX 47's Marcus Dash sat down one on one with Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Gretchen Whitmer today.

She said she was happy about the outcome on Tuesday, but it was right back to work for her and her team. 

With 90 days to go before the general election, I asked her about some of her key issues on the campaign trail.

FOX 47's Marcus Dash asked, "something you've been campaigning on is "we are going to fix the damn roads" how do you plan on doing that and where are you going to get the funding?

"A rebuild Michigan infrastructure bank that we'll run $3 billion through, $2 billion of State funding draws down a billion dollars of Federal. We are paying no matter what right now, we are just paying to fix our cars, that's why this infrastructure bank is the way to go about doing it," said Senator Gretchen Whitmer.

Senator Whitmer says fixing the roads are apart of what she calls dinner table issues, which is how she plans to court voters that may not agree with her on every political issue.

"Potholes are not political, they are a problem though for all of us, kids are not political, but we got problems to solve and I am ready to work with everyone who wants to do that," said Whitmer.

As far as unifying her own party after somewhat of a contentious primary, she was happy to receive endorsements from both opponents Abdul El-Sayed and Shri Thanedar. 
Whitmer says the drastic differences between her and opponent Bill Schuette should be enough to bring the party together.

"I am the one that negotiated that got 680,000 people on our state health care coverage, I am running against a guy who wants to undo all of that," said Whitmer.

With Bill Schuette already having the endorsement of President Donald Trump I asked her if she anticipates any of President Trump's famous twitter rants, she tells me she's more than ready for the political games to begin.

"I am tough I can take it, of course, I expect it. People of our state need a Governor who is not going to get distracted, but who's going to roll up her sleeves and get the job done," said Whitmer.

Even though Whitmer won all 83 counties and had over 100,000 more votes than Schuette, she says she has lots of work to do and will continue to do so this fall.