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Proposal 3 could change the way you vote

Posted at 5:41 AM, Oct 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-23 05:41:20-04

Election Day is two weeks from Tuesday and there's a proposal on the ballot that could change the way you vote ins. future election

FOX 47 News' Cryss Walker spoke with experts about Proposal 3.

Michigan State University Extension specialists hosted a forum Monday night to help voters learn more about proposals on the ballot.

Experts say Proposal 3 is a constitutional amendment around voting rights.

“The main things that it would actually change, it would allow for straight-ticket voting,” said MSU Extension Government and Public Policy Specialist Eric Walcott.

Under the proposal, eligible residents would also be set-up for automatic voter registration.

“So if you go get a driver’s license or renew your driver’s license or get a state I.D., you will automatically be added to the voter registration list,” Walcott explained.

If the ballot initiative passes, no-reason absentee voting will be an option and the voter registration deadline will also be extended.

“It would allow registration up to Election Day and it will also allow for no-reason absentee,” Walcott told FOX 47 News.

“So currently, if you want to vote absentee, you're supposed to give a reason why you're voting absentee.”

Experts say if the proposal passes, the provisions made would become constitutional rights that can only be changed by voters statewide.