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Bill Gelineau Announces Lt. Governor Pick

Posted at 2:05 PM, Aug 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-23 14:43:17-04

Bill Gelineau, winner of the August 7 th primary for the Libertarian Party for the office of Governor, has announced his choice for Lt. Governor to be considered at the State Convention of the Party in Romulus this Saturday, August 25.

Auburn Hills Attorney and Businesswoman Angelique Chaiser Thomas joins the historic effort of the Libertarian Party. The libertarian party of Michigan attained legal Major Party status in the state of Michigan for the first time in state history. Ms. Thomas, 41, has the support of her husband Michael and two children in her first effort for elective office.

“Angelique brings a strong desire for justice together with a keen
understanding of the principles of freedom”, said Gelineau. “Clearly, our
effort to reach new audiences and build our campaign could not have done

He noted the delegates at the Convention make the final decision. Ms.
Thomas’ short biography is available at: [].

“I look forward to the challenge of being part a of the tremendous team Bill has assembled to take on the old parties and bring common sense values and new approaches to Michigan public policies”, said Ms. Thomas.

“This year is when the bell of liberty will ring for all in Michigan.”