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Construction begins on MSU’s Student Union, ‘I think this is good’

Posted at 8:55 PM, Mar 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-25 21:52:59-04
  • Construction begins began on MSU's Student Union March 25th.
  • Construction at Berkey will start on Apr.1.
  • Watch video above to see how students feel about renovations.

Healing and hope fills MSU's campus, about 13 months after the tragic mass shooting, that killed 3 students.

“It's growing, its getting better, its coming back to where it is, coming back to normal", said student Mitchell Augenstine.

University officials said they're hoping to get things back to normal through changes, including renovations to the Student Union, where sophomore Brian Fraser was killed the night of the shooting. Construction started on Monday.

“For the people that were greatly affected by the shooting, I think this is a good that we're doing this,” Augenstine said.

The renovations won't stop at the Union, next Monday, construction at Berkey Hall - where Alexandria Verner and Arielle Anderson were killed, will start. These renovations will focus on turning the classroom where the shooting happened, along with surrounding classrooms into an open space where faculty and students can gather. It will be made up of meeting rooms, rest rooms, a reflection room and a public health room.

Renovations at the union are expected to be done in June and we're told Berkley's renovations will be done in the Fall and as students wait for the changes, they're sending words of encouragement to each other to promote healing.

“Keep healing, keep growing and just learn to spread love,” said student Augenstine.

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