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In Kind Bakery opens in Williamston

In Kind Bakery Williamston Michigan
Posted at 8:24 PM, Feb 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-06 20:37:46-05

WILLIAMSTON, Mich. — In Kind Bakery in Williamston opened its doors on Saturday.

In Kind Bakery Williamston Michigan

Owner’s Kimberly Scott and Chu-Hsiang Chang, who goes by Daisy, have a friendship that's no secret to anyone who meets them.

“Kim and her husband had been in the area for a while and they were nice enough to invite us over for dinner," Chang said.

She missed that dinner for reasons she doesn't recall.

"All I had was the leftovers from that dinner, but after I ate the leftovers I was like, 'We need to be friends with these people because they make amazing food.'"

That's where their baking business blossomed. They started by sharing with friends and family and selling at the Meridian Township Farmers Market. Now, they have a store off of Grand River Avenue.

“We didn’t plan on having a storefront we we’re just going to do more farmers markets," Scott said.

In Kind Bakery Williamston Michigan

The goal of the In Kind Bakery is to feed the passion for baking and make a philanthropic impact on the local community via in-kind donations. Hence the bakery name.

“It’s called In Kind," Chang said. "Not only does it embed Kim and my name in that, so K and D, but also we want to use this as a way to give back.”

In Kind Bakery Williamston Michigan

Each day, they donate something to the Williamston Food Bank, whether baked goods that didn't sell that day or money.

“You might’ve seen the number 17 on our wall. That’s the continuous count of how many items we’ve donated,” said Chang.

“We decided not to do tips so we’ve got some donations there in our jar for the food bank," said Scott.

In Kind Bakery Williamston Michigan

On their first day of opening, they sold out of all their baked goods in four hours. Charlotte Etchebarne was one of the lucky customers who got a treat before everything was gone. And she wasn't disappointed.

“Well, it tastes like real chocolate,” she said of the bakery's hot chocolate.

Etchebarn said she's already planning her order for next time.

“I think… I want to try a cinnamon roll" she said.

In Kind Bakery Williamston Michigan

Chang and Scott said the community support they received leading up to opening day was overwhelming and they're looking forward to spreading more kindness in the community.

"I'm feeling a little bit hungry, a little tired" Scott said. "And so excited."

In Kind Bakery is located at 146 W. Grand River, Williamston opened on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Check out their website for menu option at or call (517)-329-3118.

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