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Haslett man's passion is building replicas of Great Lakes ships

Building boats in Haslett
Posted at 4:31 PM, Apr 28, 2021
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Mark Lynch is using his artistic skills and attention to detail to show people just how beautiful ships on the Great Lakes are.

“The actual fine detail stuff is my favorite part,” Lynch said.

Lynch, a retired graphic artist, has been building replicas of ships that once traversed the Great Lakes among them the Edmond Fitzgerald, and U.S Coast Guard ships.

He said his passion for ships started back when he was a kid.

“It all started back when I was a young lad and back in my generation, we built models,” Lynch said. “From there, I built up to the point to where I couldn’t buy the kits anymore so I decided to make my own.”

Built up to the point to where I couldn’t buy the kits anymore so I decided to make my own.

On some days, Lynch will spend up to 14 hours working on a ship, but it’s not an overnight project.

“The Edmond Fitzgerald, it took about 3 years to build, and the other ships took roughly a year to a year and a half,” Lynch said.

To make each ship like the original, Lynch depends heavily on blueprints and pictures, but he said all of the hard work is worth it because it brings him happiness.

“I guess it’s hard to explain, it’s just something that kinda lives inside of you, and the only way to satisfy it is by building it,” Lynch said.

To see Lynch’s work, click here.

Building boats in Haslett

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Mikayla Temple

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