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'They need a lot of help down there': People in mid-Michigan also impacted by Hurricane Ian

Posted at 7:19 PM, Sep 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-29 19:19:35-04

LANSING, Mich. — While Hurricane Ian has done most of its damage in Florida, even people here in mid-Michigan have felt the impact and are now on the long road to recovery.

Ian brought devastation into Florida, and now leaves behind intense damage and crowded shelters.

“Once he got to the shelter he felt a little better, but then, he found out the shelters were pretty bad too,” said Lansing Community Activist Michael Lynn Jr.

Lynn said his 74-year-old father was at his Plant City, Florida, home when the storm hit.

"The house is yeah pretty damaged, he can’t even get inside of it because the garage is overhanging the front door,” Lynn said.

Aside from flooding and damages, reports say Ian managed to knock out power for over 2 million residents and has so far claimed the lives of hundreds of people.

Lynn said he’s grateful his dad is OK, and now, his family is focusing on fixing the broken pieces left behind by the storm.

“He’s on a fixed income, and everything is budgeted to the dollar. The damage of the house is going to take some time to get fixed, so that’s our focus right now fixing it, and getting him somewhere he’s comfortable at,” Lynn said.

Lynn plans to fly to Florida next week and give back to the community his father has called home for the last five years, and he’s encouraging other Michiganders to step up and help in this time of need.

“Hopefully, more kids and grandkids can come down and help that part of Florida or other parts in Florida that was hit by the hurricane because they need a lot of help down there,” he said.

Lynn and his family have started a GoFundMe to help their dad out, and if you want to contribute, click here.

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