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Hundreds gather outside Michigan Capitol amid protests in Washington, D.C.

Posted at 6:43 PM, Jan 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-06 18:43:59-05

LANSING, Mich. — Hundreds gathered outside of the Capitol building in solidarity with those protesting the election results in Washington, D.C. today. Chants filled the cold morning air as supporters of President Trump awaited his speech before the electoral vote was set to begin.

“We want Trump! We want Trump!”

Jasmine Early drove almost two hours to show her support in what she said was a fight for the truth.

“We will fight with our lives for the truth to come out,” Early told Fox 47 News.

The Muskegon County Republican Party and a group based out of Lansing called The Political Octagon created Facebook events calling for supporters of President Trump to stand with those calling to stop the electoral vote certifying Joe Biden as the President-Elect.

Many supporters in attendance are frustrated with the election process.

“I would say I’d support at least an investigation into it,” David Graber said.

Graber said if there was a satisfactory investigation that proved the election wasn’t fraudulent he’d be willing to accept it.

Republican and Democratic election officials say the President’s claims of election fraud are baseless. Michigan election officials held a hearing in December to investigate election integrity and confirmed the state’s elections were secure.

But, protestors out today are determined to keep fighting against what they’re calling “fraud.”

Elijah Pitts is a Lansing resident who disagrees with the decision from the Michigan election officials. He hopes more residents will voice their opinions about the election.

“We need to show a presence and that we’re not just going to roll over with election fraud and weak republicans,” Pitts said.

In his speech today, President Trump called many of his Republican colleagues “weak” for their support of the electoral system.

Sam Inglot of Progress Michigan was also in attendance, but he hopes acceptance can bring people together.

“The consensus is clear. This was a safe, secure, and accurate election … if families can get some relief, if businesses can get some help, hopefully that will help people come together and leave this divisive point in our history behind,” Inglot said.

After the President’s speech, many of the supporters here in Lansing dispersed. Updates are still coming out of Washington D.C.

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