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Grand Ledge woman helps people follow their intuition

Posted at 9:50 AM, Jun 17, 2022
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GRAND LEDGE, Mich. — Sometimes, a leap of faith can even move us to make big changes. This is true for Brooke Clay from Grand Ledge who literally followed her intuition.

“An intuitive is a person that is tuned into their intuition,” said Clay, who is an intuitive lightworker.

While she would say everyone is tuned into their intuition, she thinks people don’t trust it.

“I think that’s how my journey started. My intuition and trusting my intuition and then from there, it became spirit and talking to source and trusting what I feel,” Clay said.

Clay says she did not always trust her intuition. For 16 years, she worked as a graphic designer, but during the pandemic, she said she realized that it wasn’t what she was meant to do.

"In my mid-30s, I lived in a very nice apartment. I loved it there. I lived there for six or seven years,” Clay said.

However, Clay said she had some strange experiences there.

“I would see shadows out of the corner of my eye. I would feel a cold breeze go over my body in the middle of the night, I was touched in the middle of the night, things would fall off the walls in the bathroom, the TV would shut off spontaneously, and I've never had that before in any place that I had never ever lived,” Clay said.

First, she thought the apartment was the reason, but looking back at it, she sees it as her wake-up call.

“Now, I see it as my wake-up call where I was getting tapped. Like it's time to wake up this, what you're doing, is not what you're meant to do, it's time to wake up,” Clay said.

Now, she offers tarot card readings and intuitive readings on her website.

“I offer intuitive readings for people, and in those, I get a lot of people who want advice on things,” Clay said. “Sometimes, they already know the answer to them, and I'm like, ‘Great, that's awesome. You didn't even need me to tell you that because you already knew that.’”

Clay gives intuitive readings via Zoom, and they last for one hour. According to Clay, this will connect people with their guides and loved ones in spirit to offer insight, advice and affirmations for a balanced life.

She said she tries to convey to people to trust what they already know and go with it and is trying to show how spirit communicates with them. According to Clay, spirit can be used as an overarching term for the universe, spirit guides, God, source or anything else people believe in.

She also offers tarot card readings and customized reports for three or seven days, issue and solution, as well as the past, present, and future.

Telling her loved ones and friends about her career change wasn’t easy at first. She thought people were not going to believe her or trust what she was doing, but their reactions were the complete opposite.

“Part of why I didn't want to tell people, I did what I do, because I didn't think that others would believe in it or trust it,” Clay said. “I really do feel like, it's not part of my journey to make believers out of non-believers. I think my journey is to raise awareness about what it is people like me do and to raise the vibe and to help people.”

And how do the readings work?

“What I do is, as I'm shuffling the tarot cards, I tune into that person's energy and ask the cards: ‘What does Luisa need to know for tomorrow?’ Then see what card comes up, then I interpret the card,” Clay said.

Since her readings are via Zoom, she provides a complete report of all the cards and their meanings to her client. Clay said in this case her graphic design background comes in handy.

“Then I'll say: ‘What does Luisa need to know for two days from now?’ Then, I pull a card, and it's funny because sometimes you'll see the same card come up, which is statistically not very plausible, but I take that as a sign from the card that this is, this is something this person needs to pay attention to,” Clay said. “I think it helps people be more present in their day to day lives so often we just are going through the motions – work, home, dinner, bed. So, this gives them the opportunity to be present.”

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