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Judge orders Rivershell Apartments' managers to make immediate repairs

Posted at 8:33 PM, Nov 11, 2021

LANSING, Mich. — A few weeks ago, FOX 47 did a story on Rivershell Apartments, where residents said the living conditions are unbearable. So much so, the city was pink tagging their doors. But now, nearly a month later, the issue is being taken into the court room.

On Tuesday, city of Lansing officials and representatives from Rivershell Apartments went to court to discuss issues at the apartments that residents say have lingered for years.

“Lack of just basic maintenance, especially to the exterior of the property but I can’t say just the exterior it was the interior as well,” code enforcement officer Meredith Johnson. “Missing smoke detectors were just as common, but our biggest concerns were the roofs and the balconies.”

After being pink tagged, Rivershell Apartments’ management was given until the end of October to make repairs, and city officials said they did not. And this isn't the first time the city has warned them. Officials say the apartment complex has failed inspections since 2012.

Rivershell management had no attorney present at court , although a handful of managers were there. Judge Cynthia Ward warned them that she plans to order them to make immediate repairs, including boarding up the balconies and sliding glass doors.

“The wood is deteriorated on the balconies and because of the deterioration, the bolts and screws, no longer hold into the wood, and this means it could barely hold 250 pounds,” said Jerry Dunham and housing inspector with Lansing.

City Officials said those orders are just beginning and they’re prepared to take further action as needed. In the meantime, as long as those pink tags remain in effect, the company is prohibited from leasing their units to new tenants.

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