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HOUSE BILL 4012: Changing how speed limits are set

Posted at 8:37 PM, Apr 08, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-08 20:37:04-04
  • House Bill 4012 was signed by Governor Whitmer Apr.2.
  • The bill changes how speed limits on Michigan roads are set.
  • Watch video above to get more details on the bill and hear how residents in our neighborhoods feel about it.

Speeding on Armstrong Road is still a major problem.
We were on the street a few weeks ago, after a speeding car smashed into a parked jeep, putting residents like Loretta Stanaway on alert.

Parked Jeep Destroyed on Armstrong street after being hit.

“I am just a little more cautious perhaps, when backing out my driveway, people come out of nowhere. You could think youre fine, then boom,” Stanaway said.

Loretta Stanaway voicing concerns about speedy drivers.

Fed up with the speedy drivers Stanaway said something needs to be done, which brings us to the State Capitol.

“We need to make sure that when we're setting speed limits, we do so with all of the road way users in min,” Eric Dean, Legislative Director for Representative Bradley Slagh.

Slagh introduced House Bill 4012, which was signed by Gov. Whitmer last week.


“One way and and the main way is to set a speed using the 85th percentile rule,” Dean said. “So we take what 85% of the top speed drivers are going and in the past the law that determined the speed limit.”

But House Bill 4012, changes that.

“What our bill corrects is you could set the speed limit within 5 miles per hour of that 85 percentile,” Dean said. “So, if a speed limit was 37.6 the old law forces that to be set at 40 miles per hour, now it could be set at 35.

The city of Lansing's public service department will conduct traffic speed studies to determine the new speeds.

Meanwhile residents like Stanaway are hoping the changes are enforced.

“If police can enforce the speed limits and have the staff for it, great, if not, then its kinda irrelevant,” she said.

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