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Excitement for Moores Park Pool grows as temperatures reach highs

Posted at 7:05 PM, Jun 18, 2024
  • The city of Lansing received $6.2 Million from the state to fix up Moores Park Pool.
  • The city tells us they expect for construction to be done by Summer 2025.
  • Watch video above to see how excited people are in our neighborhood about it.

More than 100 years old - Moores Park Pool still has a view that residents adore.

Moores Park Pool view

“The view is wonderful,” said Dale Schrader. “You see the river, you see the smoke stacks. It’s just nothing like it.”

Schrader is the chair of the Friends of Moores park pool group and while we can see this beautiful view, there are some things you can't see.

Dale Schrader

“Well, its missing water right now for one thing, haha,” Schrader said. “People and kids, its missing a lot.”

But efforts are underway to change that. Since Lansing secured $6.2 million from the state to revamp the pool.

Parks and Recreation Director Brett Kaschinske said construction is on its way.

Construction signs at Moores Park pool

“We have selected a vendor that will be the construction company to do it,” Kaschinske said. “Right now we are still going through the permit process and once we have the permit in place, we’re going to be starting construction out there at Moores park.”

Kaschinske anticipates the permit process to be wrapped up in the next few weeks, allowing plumbing, fencing , and locker room construction to begin.

“We are estimating that we will be open by 2025 swim season,” Kaschinske said.

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