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A look into alleged issues at Ventnor Apartments, ‘I can’t keep living like this’

Posted at 9:41 PM, Mar 28, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-28 21:41:57-04

LANSING, Mich. — Victoria Mckinstry has lived at Ventnor Apartments on the Lansing’s Southside for nearly a year, and she said the issues are out of control.

“I have issues with mice, I have issues with ants, I have issues with roaches, with the heat,” Mckinstry said.

Mckinstry said she was diagnosed with 3 forms or arthritis, and the issues have taken, real toll on her health.

“'m just tired, I just wish someone would help me,” she said.

This wont be the first time we've reported about allegations of poor living conditions at Ventnor. Last year, when the complex was named Belmont Park Apartments, we introduced you to Mark Larose.

“The stove doesn't work, the burners don't work,” Larose said in 2023. “We can't cook and I have complained to them before but no response.”

The owner then and now is the same, Simtob Management Investment.They own quite a few properties in Lansing, but haven't had the best reputation when it comes to making sure those locations are up to code.

For example, last year - the city red tagged all 29 units at Simtob's Holmes Apartments. Since then, Simtob has been placed under a court order to mediate issues at their properties.

We reached out to Simtob and they provided me with this statement saying in part:

 "Our company mission is to provide clean, safe, affordable housing, which we take very seriously. Beginning in 2020, we started to acquire properties that were "red tagged" by the City of Lansing under previous owners and have worked as quickly as possible to return these properties to quality housing options for Lansing residents.”

Simtob tells us an exterminator is scheduled to go into Victoria's unit next Thursday, Apr.4.

The city said since the court order has been issued, Simtob has made some progress when it comes to fixing their properties.

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