'Hangry,' 'mansplaining' among words added to Oxford English Dictionary

Posted at 8:31 AM, Feb 05, 2018

More than 1,100 new words, senses and subentries were added to the Oxford English Dictionary last month in the dictionary's latest update.

According to the dictionary, the latest update included new words like "hangry" and "mansplaining," while also including "me time" and a new definition for the term "snowflake."

Hangry is defined as "bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger," and the dictionary said its origin is the 1990s.

Mansplain means, "Of a man: to explain (something) needlessly, overbearingly, or condescendingly, esp. (typically when addressing a woman) in a manner of thought to reveal a patronizing or chauvinistic attitude."

Other words added to the dictionary during the latest update include "Aunt Flo," "Swag" and more.

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