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CMU will have in-person fall semester classes, with alternative options for students, faculty

Posted at 9:28 AM, May 12, 2020

Central Michigan University officials said Monday the school is planning on welcoming students back to campus this fall. The announcement was met with mixed reaction.

University officials say they’re prepared and ready to take students and faculty back safely< /span> . The school's president says they’ve been talking to health professionals for some time about their plan but students say they’re still concerned.

"I think it’s pretty scary because if we do all come back and there are still cases out there, there could be a second wave and college campuses are going to be an epicenter," said CMU senior Savannah Soronen.

She says she’s still concerned after hearing CMU will be open for fall classes, she's also concerned for her education.

"If we do go back and then we go back online, then we feel the same way we would this semester," Soronen said. "We didn’t feel like we learned anything. If we do go back and then get sent back online, we’re in the same boat we were, so we just don’t really know what to do."

Central Michigan University President Bob Davies says they have a plan in place that will be safe for everyone on campus.

"To ensure that we have deep cleaning throughout the day of our academic and student service areas, and also deep cleaning before and after every class," Davies said. "We will obviously practice all social distancing throughout the University, that includes the academics, student living, residential halls and alike."

Davies says they also have options for students and staff who don’t feel comfortable returning to campus.

"We also have a very strong robust remote process in place as well, to offer many of our classes remotely for those students as well as some faculty members who would prefer to teach and learn online," Davies said.

Soronen says she won’t make a decision on fall classes until she knows what is happening with COVID-19.

"I’m kind of hoping and waiting to see if we do go back online, then I would take off fall semester," she said. "If we do go back, if it’s still face-to-face by the middle of

summer, I guess I am just going to go back and see what happens but I’m not sure yet."

Central Michigan University is the largest school to confirm they will have in-person classes this fall.