Homeless rate declining in Michigan

The number of homeless people in Michigan is dropping.

That's according to the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness.

They say that the number of homeless people in our state has dropped six-percent and its down 15-percent among veterans.

Thursday, the Coalition met with similar organizations from across the state to discuss what needs to be done to keep that rate falling.

"You have to be realistic about things. Could we ever get to a point of what you'd called functional zero? Which is the term that used in the focus on veteran's homelessness. Yeah, yeah we could get there, we could get there. How realistic is it? It would be challenging. We know that we can make a difference if we're seeing those numbers come down across the board," said Eric Hufnagel. 

Organizers say the key to that success is awareness and aid on a state and national level. The Coalition also says it's important to learn from the success of other organizations across the state.