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You can finally kick someone off your Netflix—here’s how

You can finally kick someone off your Netflix—here’s how
Posted at 3:00 PM, Nov 19, 2022

Whether it’s your adult child, your ex-partner or a friend who benefited from your generosity, you may have allowed someone outside your home to continue using your Netflix account at some point. However, since Netflix has confirmed that it will begin charging accounts that share passwords early next year, now might be a good time to make a change.

If that person has their profile on your account, you can transfer it to their new account and delete it from yours. However, if they don’t have a profile or simply use your login information to keep watching Netflix without paying, you can kick them off using a new feature in your account settings.


Log Them Out Of Your Netflix Account On A Specific Device

This week, Netflix announced it had launched a new feature in Account Settings called Managing Access and Devices. The purpose of this tool, the company says, is to log yourself out of devices you may have used while traveling, staying in hotels or visiting family and friends. However, it can also be used to boot an unauthorized user from your Netflix account.

To access this feature, sign in to Netflix in a browser on a computer, phone or tablet and select your profile. Then, hover over the downward-facing arrow icon in the upper-right corner and choose Account. Finally, go to the Security & Privacy section on your Account page and choose Manage access and devices. It may have a blue New box on the left side of the text.

You can see all active logins on your Netflix account on this page. Each will display the user, device, date and time and a relative location. Choose Sign Out on any login you want to kick off, and Netflix will remove its access. 


Change Your Password

Signing out of a session will stop that device from accessing your Netflix account. However, if the person using it knows your login information, they can sign right back in. In this case, you’ll still need to change your password.

To reset your password by email or text, go to in a browser window. Choose the option you want to use and follow the steps to reset your password. You may need to log back in on the device you used to change the password.

By Tricia Goss, for Newsy

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