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You Can Now Get Bags Of Just Red Or Blue Sour Patch Kids

Posted at 7:50 AM, Jul 02, 2019

Sour Patch Kids are the gummy candy known for being sour, then sweet (and very addictive, right up until your tongue starts to hurt from all the citric acid). The original bags come with lemon, lime, orange and cherry, and everyone has a favorite flavor — mine is lemon, which is apparently an unpopular opinion.

But aside from the original Sour Patch Kids, there are a host of other flavors, including the cult classic Blue Raspberry … and now you can buy bags of just the blue raspberry and cherry flavors, so all your Sour Patch dreams can come true.

And FYI, people are excited — it seems these sour candies aren’t just beloved by kids. Here’s a post from the Sour Patch Kids Facebook account, announcing the release:

“This is literally the most amazing thing to ever happen in my lifetime,” wrote one Sour Patch lover on the Facebook post announcing the bags. “Absolutely no exaggeration, I genuinely feel this way.”

“It is about time!!,” wrote another commenter. “The two best flavors finally getting the spotlight they need!! I am so happy!”

However, it’s not all sunshine and gummy candies on the Sour Patch Kids Facebook feed. Evidently, the bags are only available in 7-Eleven stores, which is making a lot of Sour Patch Kids lovers upset … because there are only 7-Eleven stores in 34 out of the 50 states, leaving 16 states out of luck if they want to bring these special Sour Patch Kids home. On top of that, the packs are definitely limited edition and nobody is sure just how long they’ll be in stores, or if every 7-Eleven will carry them.

If all else fails, there are other ways to get your Sour Patch fix. First of all, Dairy Queen has just announced that their July Blizzard of the month flavor will be, you guessed it, Sour Patch. The new Blizzard features pieces of candy in a Sour Patch Kids Redberry-flavored soft serve. Here’s the post at @DairyQueen on Twitter:

If the Blizzard isn’t your thing, you can also getSour Patch Kids ice cream and ice pops at Walmart stores around the country in a Red White & Blue flavor. Here’s a post from a happy customer, @tattedup420xx, on Instagram:

With the 4th of July arriving soon, this seems like a great time to commit to the color scheme and stock up on blue and red Sour Patch Kids!

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