You can now order Girl Scout Cookies online

Posted at 7:17 AM, Feb 24, 2017

If you missed out on signing up for a delivery of Girl Scout Cookies, finding a stash is now as easy as reaching for your smartphone.

Some recently introduced digital resources aren't just helping cookie lovers connect with troops, but are teaching the girls a whole new set of skills.

Tina Owens, a Girls Scouts Program Specialist says, the digital cookie platform offers scouts sales beyond the booth with mobile and online channels. "We really want the opportunity for the girls to feel official, and when you think about it... What business that's successful, do you know that doesn't have a website?"

Owens also says the tool reinforces the group's principles and also offers financial skills and support for girls no matter where they are.

Girls age 13 and older can even design their site and business cards, offering more independence.

This isn't the first time the girl scouts have dabbled in technology. An official cookie locator app was introduced in 2013. And while it's still a first year program, Owens says this is just the beginning of digital options for scouts. "It helps us stay with the times. You know, if we're not able to keep up with the trends, we're going to get left behind, and that is simply poor business."

For those hoping to order or replenish their supply of Girl Scout Cookies, just plug your zip code into the "find cookies" tool at Girl to get dates and locations for sales in your area.

You can also download the "girl scout cookie finder" app on your smartphone.