Young Sparrow patients to visit the "North Pole"

Posted at 3:36 PM, Dec 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-14 15:36:26-05

The Silverliners, former flight attendants for Eastern Airlines, will host their annual fantasy “Flight to the North Pole” for 76 young children with life threatening illnesses from seven hospitals, including Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.

The children are greeted by Christmas music from the Downriver Symphony’s Band and Santa’s elves at check-in at the Delta ticket counter (closest to the Westin Hotel) for their boarding passes and then go through the security check point at the Westin Hotel entrance, to the Delta gate area. While waiting for their flight to depart they will be entertained by the Shriner Clowns and mascots of the Detroit Lions, Tigers, Chuckie Cheesy Belle Tire, etc. If you have questions, regarding this, please contact me at the number above.

After boarding the plane the crew go through the motions of an actual flight. The pilots rev the engines for take-off, but the plane never actually leaves the ground. The children are instructed to keep their shades down, as it’s very bright at the North Pole, and it’s a secret route to the North Pole. The pilots proceed to a parking area where the flight attendants serve the children lunch, after which the engines rev back up for “landing” and taxi to the gate.

After deplaning, the children are led by elves and toy soldiers to a banquet room at the Westin that the Silverliners have decorated as the North Pole. While there they will visit with Santa and entertained by a magician, and if they wish, have their face painted. They will also have cookies, treats and leave with a bag full of presents from Santa.

This is a wonderful day for these sick children and their parents and the Silverliners have sponsored this event for 32 years, throughout various cities in the United States. There are five members in the Detroit area chapter. For more information on the Silverliners go to The