Sparrow RNICU grads highlight display for Prematurity Awareness Month

Posted at 10:24 AM, Nov 28, 2016

LANSING, MI – Sparrow is recognizing November as Prematurity Awareness Month and the miracles that happen everyday in our Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (RNICU) with a new set of posters of some of our RNICU “graduates.”

The posters, displayed in a lobby at Sparrow Hospital, show children who were once Patients in the RNICU holding photos of themselves as premature infants. The posters are a recognition that hope is everywhere and comes in many shapes and sizes at Sparrow.

“Reducing premature birth is not only a national health policy but also a focus of Sparrow Hospital and the mid-Michigan region. Prematurity Month gives us the opportunity to shed light on the issue of preterm birth by raising awareness of the issue and its affects,” said Kathleen Marble, Director of Women and Children’s Services.

“Each day in the Neonatal ICU here at Sparrow we see the impact premature birth has not only for the parents, family and our community, emotionally and financially. At Sparrow, we actively work on reducing preterm birth by improving outcomes for both mother and baby.”

The posters were the brainchild of P.A.L.S. (Parents as Volunteers and Listeners), a group of former RNICU families who are partnering with Sparrow to find new ways to provide family-centered care.

Each year, Sparrow’s RNICU cares for nearly 600 acutely ill infants from throughout mid-Michigan. The RNICU team provides each infant with care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sparrow’s RNICU offers multiple treatment options and specialized equipment designed to support each infant’s developmental needs.

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