Mary Free Bed at Sparrow, Community Hospitals receive national honors for patient satisfaction

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Sparrow Medical Group Potterville
Posted at 9:16 AM, Apr 07, 2022

LANSING, MI — Sparrow, its Carson City and Clinton community hospitals and Sparrow Specialty Hospital have been honored with numerous awards from a national organization that tracks top scores for patient satisfaction.

The hospitals received the honors from Professional Research Consultants, Inc. The PRC Excellence in Healthcare Awards are nationally recognized honors presented to organizations and individuals who have achieved excellence in patient satisfaction scores in the previous year. At Sparrow, the needs of our patients are addressed through leading-edge medicine and our highly skilled physicians and caregivers.

Overall, Sparrow Health System received five awards. For the fourth consecutive year, Mary Free Bed at Sparrow received special distinction as the Top Performer in “Overall Quality of Care” for inpatient rehabilitation units. The recognition means Mary Free Bed at Sparrow is at the top of inpatient rehabilitation units in PRC’s national database of healthcare organizations. This achievement was made possible based on the direct feedback from the patients it serves.

Five-star awards, given to those who score in the top 10 percent of PRC’s national database of healthcare organizations, were awarded to Sparrow Specialty Hospital for “Overall Quality of Care” and Sparrow Clinton Hospital’s Outpatient Surgery Services for “Overall Hospital Rating.”

Four-star awards, given to those who score in the top 25 percent nationally, were awarded to Sparrow Carson Hospital’s Emergency Department for “Overall Quality of Care” and Sparrow Carson Inpatient Services for “Overall Hospital Rating.”

As the region’s only community-based, community-owned and community-governed health system, Sparrow is proud of the care it provides to Mid-Michigan residents. For more information on Sparrow, go to