Mid-Michigan hangouts that will keep you socially & physically active

Posted at 1:32 PM, Oct 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 10:32:48-04

There are plenty of places to hang out in the mid-Michigan. But how many of those places leave you feeling better and more refreshed afterwards? We have a list of healthy places to hang out, where you can be active, have fun, and most importantly meet new people.

Jug & Mug Ski Club

Being single is no horrible thing. In fact studies show that singles exercise more than married people; making them more active and in some ways happier.

Founded in the 1960’s in Lansing Michigan, Jug & Mug Ski Club is a club exclusively for singles. They meet once a month, with a variety of other events on their calendar such as dinners, bowling, and of course ski trips.

Interested in becoming a member? Click here.

Woldumar Nature Center

Founded in the 1960’s Woldumar Nature Center began as a conservation education program for young people. In the 1980’s they were granted the Moon Log Cabin where they now hold their cultural heritage programs. Woldumar is not only an educational organization but an active one.

Their 178 acres of maple and beech woodlands is great for hiking with your dog, friends, family or even meeting new people along the trail.

If you’re interested in hiking in Woldumar’s trails click here.

Wonch Park Fitness Zone

From afar it appears to be a traditional children's park; but it's actually very sophisticated workout equipment.

Established in July of 2016, Wonch Park Fitness Center is an outdoor fitness center where anyone over the age of 14 can utilize the equipment to get a good workout. This is a very flexible way to get active because it’s available for use 24/7, located in Wonch Park at 4555 Okemos Rd.

District 5

If you're looking for a safe place for you or your children to release some energy we suggest you try District 5. District 5 opened their doors in April 2016 and they’ve been busy ever since. They offer nights exclusively for children, college students, teens, as well as “open jump” for all ages.

For more information on hours and pricing click here.

MI Life Sports & Social Club

MI Life Sports offers a unique way to meet other social and physically active professionals in the Lansing and Ann Arbor area through sports. You can join a team and play the sport of your choice, from dodge ball to volleyball. You’ll be having a ball while meeting people you may have otherwise never met.

For more information on joining a league click here.

Do you know of any places where you can be social and healthy at the same time?