Ellen Gunther named July Volunteer of the Month

Posted at 8:13 AM, Jul 15, 2016

The Sparrow Women’s Board of Managers and Sparrow Volunteer Services Department have named Ellen Gunther of Lansing as the July Volunteer of the Month.

Gunther began as a volunteer through a friend she met in Florida who was a Sparrow volunteer. She has been with the Division III group for 19 years and as president of the group for over 14 years. This group used to keep busy collating paperwork and Nurse charts which are now gone following electronic record keeping. Gunther kept the group together by finding other tasks that needed to be done and inventing even more. They now sew small stuffed animals for  pediatric Patients as well as put together packets used by Patients. She also organizes the Division III Annual Luncheon.

Gunther helps two blind group volunteers with rides and walking them to their destination in the hospital. She is said to have a deep sense of loyalty and belonging to Sparrow.

Gunther grew up in Lansing and is retired from National City Bank (Now PNC). She and her husband Butch have been married 53 years and have one daughter, Cammie, and two grandchildren. They all live in the Lansing area. She enjoys gardening and genealogy as well as traveling to Florida every year to visit her friend there.

Gunther said her story would be boring, but there’s nothing boring about the contribution she has made to the Patients and families visiting Sparrow Hospital as well as the support and loyalty shown to the Division III volunteer group.

The Women’s Board of Managers takes great pride in honoring volunteers like Ellen Gunther who share their gifts and talents for the benefit of Sparrow’s Patients and families. To learn more about volunteering at Sparrow, please visit or call our office at 517.364.3606, option 1.