Consider aquatic therapy for your rehabilitation needs

Posted at 11:26 AM, Oct 11, 2017

October is National Physical Therapy Month recognizing how physical therapy “optimizes movement to improve the human experience.” Physical therapy services are an important and critical service to help those who suffer from pain associated with surgery, injury or illness.

Aquatic therapy is one service that can be an ideal option for patients who have chronic low back pain, suffer from degenerative conditions or arthritis, or who are recovering from a painful surgery.

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital offers aquatic therapy as part of its rehabilitation services through AL!VE. The staff uses a warm water therapy pool through its partnership with the Charlotte Aquatic Center. Benefits include:

· Improved muscle relaxation and increased circulation

· Decreased pain and stiffness

· Reduced stress on joints and muscles

“In chest deep water approximately 90 percent of your body weight is buoyant,” said Jody Heisler, EMPOWER physical therapy assistant. “Therefore you are bearing only 10 percent of your body weight making it easier and less painful to exercise.”

The water also offers consistent resistance to challenge stability and strength. While there is less stress on the body, the benefits and positive results increase with aquatic therapy.

Those who believe they can benefit from aquatic therapy should talk to their primary care doctor for a referral. Questions about HGB rehabilitation services, including aquatic therapy, can be directed to (517) 541-5800, option 2.

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