$6.5 million proposal for health food program

Posted: 8:23 AM, Sep 26, 2016
Updated: 2016-09-26 08:23:52-04

There's a new push to get more fruits and vegetables on the dinner table each night.

A Michigan lawmaker has proposed a $6.5 million program to make that happen.

The goal is to create a program to get healthy foods to areas that might not have access to them. The program would be called the "Healthy Food Financing Fund."

Under Republican Dave Pagel's legislation, the bill would allow grocers and farmers markets in certain areas of the state to apply for a grant or loan that would let them add equipment or make technology upgrades to stock more fresh fruits and vegetables.

The program would be funded by existing money from the state's general fund.

Locally, some popular grocery stores have some new features, designed to encourage kids to eat healthy.

At Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market in East Lansing, they've taken the idea of giving kids a free banana while mom or dad shops to a new level.

Inside the store, you'll see an entire farm stand, stocked with apples, oranges, healthy gummies, and bananas.

The message to kids is simple, making the healthy choice is easy, and tasty.

"A lot of places do a cookie program or something like that," says Store Director Robert Lajcaj, "but, to actually have the health benefits of offering a fresh piece of fruit or a natural vitamin gummy to somebody is pretty important."

Fresh Thyme says the farm stand has been a huge hit so far.

Parents have been sharing a photo of the farm stand on Facebook, many are thrilled Fresh Thyme is offering this.