Local organization host photo shoot with breast cancer survivors

Posted: 8:57 PM, Oct 15, 2017
Updated: 2017-10-16 10:17:46-04
Local organization host photo shoot with...
Local organization host photo shoot with...

LANSING, Mich (WSYM) - Breast cancer awareness month continues strong with another organization digging their heels into the cause.

Sunday, "It's a Breast Thing" hosted their annual calendar photo shoot at the McLaren Greater Lansing education center to help raise funds for research and for breast cancer patients going through treatment.
Survivors said it may be an ugly disease, but as News 10's Alani Letang reports, these women said they felt pretty.

At the photo shoot, there were 12 handmade bras for 12 breast cancer survivor models. The bras are designed by any member of the community, and then the organization votes for the top 12 bras so that the survivors can model one bra for each month of the year. The photos are then put in the "It's a Breast Thing" calendar. Organizers said each year they have a theme for their calendars and 2018's theme will be golden age Hollywood bras.

The bras today lit up the room and survivors spirits. As one recent cancer survivor, Patricia Pope, said "This has been a fantastic experience, to come be a part of this, wearing this beautiful costume."

Models Sunday said that battling cancer sometimes doesn't look that pretty, but this event was a day for them to feel absolutely gorgeous. Sandee Kingsley is another breast cancer survivor who said it was an honor to be chosen for the photo shoot, "I put my application in last year, when I was bald headed and didn't have any hair, and now I feel like a million bucks."

Cancer for these women has been a tough and grueling road. That is why the organization said they wanted to pamper the survivors by giving them massages, hair and nail care and a nice lunch. Survivors said they felt that support and it was nothing short of heart warming.

One survivor, Morgan Plemmons, said having survivors come together Sunday was a great opportunity to network "Was actually able to learn about some groups in the Lansing area for young cancer survivors and that's really neat because I don't know a lot of survivors around my age"

Plemmons is 23-year-old and was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She's living proof cancer doesn't discriminate against age. Survivors told us that breast cancer is not something to take lightly, and at any age it doesn't hurt to go get checked or do a self check.

Plemmons said, just because you might be young doesn't mean getting checkout should be overlooked. "Checking themselves to bring it up to their doctors, because it can happen" said Plemmons.