Women's Health Experience Expo helps local women get a jump start on their health

Women's Health Experience Expo helps local women get a jump start on their health
Posted at 7:13 AM, Nov 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-20 07:13:37-05

The busyness of the holiday season leaves little time for doctors appointments or annual health screenings, but yesterday, AL!VE Health Club hosted the Women's Health Experience Expo in Charlotte to give women a chance to focus on themselves and get a jump start on their health.

"women's health is you know not just..breast health its not just cancer..It's heart health its nutrition its exercise..It's mental health..It's all of those facets that we need to focus on. We want to impress upon know.. the importance of that and taking a little time for themselves", said Christina Campbell, ALl!VE Operations Manager.

The expo, sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, offered healthy cooking demonstrations, wine tasting, massages, and exercise classes. Attendees also received a gift and free healthy catered lunch.

Various physicians had booths set up, giving women the opportunity to have health screenings and get information about different health topics.

FOX 47 News spoke to some attendees who were not only appreciative of the day off, but thankful that this event is bringing light to different aspects of women's health.

"Its all personal..when they are talking they are talking to you as a woman..and your health and your needs. It can take you places where you didn't even know you walked away and said you know..I should get that checked out..that is really important to know", said Becky Scott, an expo attendee.

Over 400 women attended the free expo. Al!VE Health Club says they hope to include local retailers in next year's expo, giving women the chance to buy early Christmas decorations and gifts.