Warriors Wanted For U.S. Army

Posted at 1:58 PM, Nov 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 13:58:52-05

The Great Lakes Recruiting Battalion today announced the launch of the U.S. Army's new recruitment campaign that showcases the Army as a modern, ready and lethal force comprised of young men and women who are willing to take on the toughest challenges in defense of the Nation. 


Filmed on location at an Army base and featuring actual Soldiers, the campaign demonstrates what Soldiers do every day to protect the Nation’s freedoms and to make a difference around the world. In doing so, it challenges prospective Soldiers to search within themselves to answer the question: “Do you have what it takes?” 


In the State of Michigan one of the Army’s biggest challenge is awareness. Recent studies have shown that only 50% of young Americans know little to nothing about the military. 

Unfortunately, there is no large major Army presence in Michigan and in most cases our 32 recruiting stations is the only contact the public will have with the Army. 


Through a combination of television, digital and social media, the campaign speaks to the inner Warrior that resides in every prospective Army Soldier. It is a voice that calls on those who have the resolve to lead the way, to never quit, and to do what’s right to make a positive impact in the world. 


Additionally, the campaign highlights what recruits can expect to experience as a U.S. Army Soldier, the many ways the U.S. Army prepares and adapts to meet ever-changing and complex demands, and the relentless belief of U.S. Army Soldiers that no matter what, they will prevail. 


These first-hand experiences will be showcased through English and Spanish language television commercials, online banner advertising, digital video, and on the Army’s social media channels. Additional information is available on the campaign’s digital site, 


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