This "Wow" House! Funky home comes to Reo Town

Posted at 1:30 PM, Jun 07, 2017

Finding affordable new housing in Lansing's Reo Town can be challenging, that's why Developer T.A. Forsberg, Inc. created Tembo. A 600 square foot new home that will rent for $850.00 per month.

"What we are going for here is called the missing middle" says Brent Forsberg, adding "Right now there are alot of high end apartments being built and houses and the cost is going up and up but getting houses on the market that rent between 80 and 120 percent of the average income of the area which is in the low 30 thousands here is our goal"

The home on Elm street is eye catching with it's bright blue exterior and unique design. There are currently plans to build four other similar homes right down the street adding to the "Wow" factor.

Forsberg plans to plant these 600-square-foot, one bedroom homes into preexisting neighborhoods to strengthen the areas in which they exist. Its compact design is prime for anyone who lives a big lifestyle with minimalistic needs. Rent for the homes, depending on their size and amenities, is expected to range from $600 to $850 a month.

The company's goal is to build up to 50 Tembo homes over the next two years in REO Town, on the city's east side near the Michigan Avenue corridor and in other areas that have available lots