Quality Dairy, Lansing's Largest Paczki Producer, Aims for 200,000 Paczki in 2018

Quality Dairy, Lansing's Largest Paczki Producer, Aims for 200,000 Paczki in 2018
Posted at 9:26 AM, Feb 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 09:26:06-05

Quality Dairy is poised to produce more than 200,000 paczki – that’s more than 16,500 per day – from February 2 through February 13. The Quality Dairy bakery, located in the heart of REO Town, makes the traditional Polish treat fresh every single day, and delivers daily to all 30 QD locations.

“If you’re going to eat a paczki, you should treat yourself to the best – and Quality Dairy sells Lansing’s best paczki, hands down,” says Ken Martin, Quality Dairy president. “Our paczki are made fresh every single day, and the recipe is straight from a Polish family in Hamtramck – you can’t get better than that!”

Fat Tuesday, also known as “Paczki Day,” is the most significant day for paczki sales, though QD stores began offering the treat on February 2. Paczki are a traditionally Polish treat, initially created to use all the fruit, sugar, lard and eggs before the beginning of Lent and fasting.

In addition to being made fresh daily, QD also has the area’s largest selection of paczki flavors – twelve in all. Bestsellers include raspberry and custard, along with cream cheese, which was introduced two years ago and is a fastgrowing customer favorite. Other flavors include traditional prune, apple, strawberry, blueberry, cherry, lemon, crème, chocolate and banana.

“If you like QD donuts, you’ll love QD paczki,” says Jeff Schook, COO. “We’ve spent nearly 40 years perfecting our recipe, and they’re made right here in the heart of Lansing. They’re certainly a treat – a fresh, authentic, local treat.”

Last year, QD produced more than 183,000 paczki. Laid end to end, these treats would stretch over 11 miles – or the distance from QD’s store at 400 S. Pennsylvania to their Grand Ledge location. This year’s expected production will reach a half-marathon length of paczki – nearly 13 miles.

Founded right here in Lansing, family-owned and operated for more than 80 years, Quality Dairy is proud to serve as greater Lansing’s neighborhood food store. Quality Dairy makes the lives of Lansing families a little easier and a lot happier with 30 convenient locations offering delicious donuts and iconic ice cream, along with other premium dairy products, fresh baked goods and more.