Police ride to honor fallen Wayne State officer

Posted at 8:02 PM, Nov 27, 2016

More than 100 police officers in prayer before a 15-mile bicycle ride to honor fallen officer Collin Rose.

"Seeing this for Collin it's overwhelming,” Chris Powell, an investigator with Wayne State University Police said. Chris was close friends with Officer Rose.

The idea for the ride all began with local members of the Police Unity Tour- a group of law enforcement who ride bikes to honor fallen officers across the world.
"It hit us right in the hearts,” Ingham County Sheriff’s Deputy Bob McElmurray said. “And we said ‘we've got to do something for this guy.’"

The amount of officers who came to ride was something nobody expected.

"We expected maybe five to a dozen riders," Chris said.

And more than 100 officers showed up.

"It's just like wow," Chris said.

Officer Rose was a member of the police unity tour himself. He had participated with his friend Chris Powell in rides just like this one.
"Having gone to as many police funerals as Collin and I did,” Chris said. “We were all about paying tribute to our brothers and sisters."

The riders are from everywhere. Eaton County. Wayne County. Virginia. Trevor Gerlach is with Muskegon Police.

"It's family,” Trevor said. “It's brotherhood."

The idea of dying in the line of duty is a sacrifice that every member of law enforcement thinks about every day.

"Sometimes best friends,” Bob said. “Brothers. It hurts."

But by coming together, brothers and sisters in blue are supporting each other through the hard times.

"It's been tough,” Chris said. “But we're honoring him. He'd want all of this. He deserved all of this. He really was one of the good ones.”

And the turnout today proves that his sacrifice in the line of duty will always be remembered.