National Night Out looks to bring police and communities together

Posted at 7:19 AM, Aug 02, 2017

It's a night out and the boys in blue are getting to know the people they protect: Like Symphany Horn. She got to meet the officers that patrol her neighborhood, they even gave her a badge.

"I feel safe when I'm with officers around me,” Horn said. “When something goes wrong I know that they'll be there."

Sixteen nights out went on across Lansing alone, all with the same goal.

"To break down some of those barriers,” Chief Mike Yankowski said.

"I think it certainly helps for me to know officer smith when he or she comes, that certainly goes a long way," Derrick Quinney with the Lewton Rich Neighborhood Association said.

Chief Yankowski says working with the community is vital. If the public doesn't trust the police, they might not feel comfortable reporting crimes or cooperating.

“Just to see those extra eyes and ears will be extremely helpful to keep our community safe," Chief Yankowski said.

The annual event also lets neighbors meet each other. If you're friends with them, you can know what's going around you, and know that your friends are watching your back.

"There's strength in numbers and there's strength in knowing your neighbors," Mayor Virg Bernero said.

"We're certainly going to look out for one another," Quinney said.