Lansing singer's life "crazy" after appearance on "The Voice"

Posted at 8:03 AM, Oct 11, 2017

Video of him singing at his cashier job at Dollar General went viral, and now Lucas Holliday is hoping the same will happen now that he is on "The Voice"

Holliday barely made it through the blind auditions on the show, at the last moment, Coach Jennifer Hudson spun around and her jaw dropped. A moment he says he will never forget. And when the cameras stopped rolling he said he found her to be just as excited and real as well.

"The first thing I was just going through the song lets see where we go and the nerves are kicking in and I don't know what to do exactly and then I'm thinking maybe we didn't make it and then all of a sudden boom! " he recalls, adding " Jennifer was somebody that I could have a real conversation with on a real level, she understood me as a musician, she understands my background, Jennifer was somebody that I really related with."

He says his life is "crazy" right now with all of the attention. He can't reveal how long his journey on the show will last, because those segments were taped months ago and he is sworn to secrecy. But he does promise to keep everyone up to date on his musical adventure.

Mason native Rebecca Brunner also made it through the blind auditions, with coach Blake Shelton adding her to his team.