iHealth of Michigan observes November as American Diabetes Awareness Month

iHealth of Michigan observes November as American Diabetes Awareness Month
Posted at 5:31 PM, Nov 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-20 13:11:34-05

iHealth of Michigan (iHealth), a Lansing-based, functional healing center, observes November as American Diabetes Awareness Month (ADAM). Led by the American Diabetes Association, ADAM is a celebration of the millions of heroes managing diabetes. Today, one in 11 Americans are managing the chronic illness related to blood sugar levels, and tens of millions are at risk of prediabetes.

At iHealth, patient care is personalized based on specific biochemistry that reveals special challenges, along with strategic instruction on meal planning, supplements and lowering stress. Proper supplements and coaching can enhance insulin response, and laboratory testing goes beyond blood sugar levels to look at intestinal flora imbalance and food sensitivities, as well as inflammatory markers and nutritional deficiencies.

“Like all chronic conditions, diabetes can be affected by a person’s level of stress, quality of mental health and conditions in the body that cause inflammation or store fat,” said Carla Wysko, director of Clinical Operations at iHealth of Michigan. “The iHealth team provides resources and expertise, including laboratory testing, to pinpoint, support and heal these issues together.” 

Certified reflexology services aid circulation to targeted areas, pain management and the health of all organs, such as the pancreas and kidneys. In addition, pregnant women can learn how to balance blood sugar levels and battle insulin resistance through a nutrition-based protocol and physical activity, including healthy habits after birth, to overcome increased risks of type 2 diabetes.

iHealth also offers free, monthly peer meetings to anyone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, including family support. Educational presentations, handouts and recipes are provided in a fun and informative setting, while participants are encouraged to set small goals each month and report back. To take advantage of these services and dive into the root causes of your health-related concerns, please visit