Menards Home Improvement Topics: "Too hot? Too cold? Just right?"

Posted at 2:14 PM, Jan 06, 2020

As we know, weather can be unpredictable and so is the cost of living. Heating and cooling can account for up to 48% of home energy consumption. While setting your thermostat to the most comfortable temperature is valuable, so is the price per degree. Programmable thermostats can save you money without sacrificing your comfort.

Lower energy bills
 Adjust the temperature to match your personal comfort. By just raising or lowering the temperature in your home, you can save up to 2% on your utility bill.

Consistent temperatures
 Programmable thermostats can help maintain a consistent temperature all throughout your home without cranking the air conditioning or turning up the heat.

Fewer adjustments
 Create a schedule that follows your routine by keeping the temperature set when you’re there, and ease up on energy usage when you’re gone.

Increased efficiency
 With an increase in efficiency, your home can utilize resources more effectively and bring less wear and tear to major appliances and systems.

 Newer models of programmable thermostats have Wi-Fi ability or technology that allows you to control your thermostat from your handheld device.

 Daily routine – consider your sleep schedule and personal preference, then program accordingly
 Occupant schedules – if there is a time of day when your home is unoccupied for several hours, adjust the temperature
 Installation/Location – thermostats must be on an interior wall away from direct sunlight, drafts, doorways, skylights and windows, and located where natural room air currents (warm air rising, cool air sinking) occur.

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