Menards Home Improvement Topics: “The smells of Spring!”

Posted at 10:39 AM, Apr 11, 2019
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Fresh rain, mowed grass and fragrant flowers are signs that Spring is here, but

nothing compares to the aroma of juicy steaks, burgers and hot dogs on the

grill. It’s time to break out the barbecue grill with friends and family.

Gas Grills are the most popular type of backyard grill and conveniently run

with bottled propane or natural gas.

  • Best for the impatient chef who wants to fire up the grill and cook a

meal without worry about preparation or cleanup

  • You only get a hint of smoke flavor compared to a genuine charcoal

grill or smoker.

Charcoal Grills – Use charcoal or wood briquettes as the fuel and fire power

for cooking. All-day smokers are increasing in popularity.

  • Best for the purist who longs for that smoky, grilled flavor, cooking

at higher temperatures than gas to easily sear meat. Has a distinct

romance that is clearly lacking with a modern gas grill.

  • The time involved, expense of charcoal, clean-up and disposal of

ashes are drawbacks.

Electric Grills – Powered by electricity and cook meat using heated grill plates

with no fire required whether indoors or outdoors.

  • Best for city dwellers who have space constraints or are restricted by

fire regulations from using gas or charcoal grills in an urban setting.

  • Produce grill marks that look similar to their fire-powered cousins,

but they are not a replacement for the traditional grill.

Portable Grills – Easily transported from one location to another, running on

charcoal or propane.

  • Best for the tailgater who loves a good outdoor picnic or a perfectly

cooked brat in the parking lot before the big game, available in all

sorts of different styles.

  • If too small, size is a problem because you can’t cook burgers for all

50 of your closest friends and fans at the same time.

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