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Menards Home Improvement Topics: "Holiday Decorating"

Posted at 4:26 PM, Dec 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-07 16:26:51-05

There are many traditional and contemporary ways to decorate for the holidays both inside and outside the home. Christmas is arguably the most popular decorating holiday, but having decorations that are re-usable for other holidays is a great idea.


Consider a wide variety of lighting options such as:

• Rope lights, icicle lights or net lights for bushes or trees

• Try multiple function light sets that will do amazing things

• Consider various sizes of bulbs from big, small, sphere, round or warm, cool or multiple colors

• Pathway, spotlight or window lighting

Use LED lighting options as they are energy efficient and last for years

Find paper, bows, boxes or bags to make presents pretty

Use ceramic buildings and accessories to create a Christmas village

Small and large outdoor inflatables

Others include ornaments, wreathes, garland, tinsel, stockings, trees, tree skirts and more.


Don’t forget to plan ahead and have tools readily available when decorating plus ladders, drills, adhesive strips, tape, nails, gutter hooks and anything else you might need

Color makes a world of difference when choosing decorations for the holidays

Choose Christmas decorations that have more of a wintry feel that can be used for a longer time frame

For other holidays, consider the multi-use capabilities of decorations that can be used for birthday parties or other events

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