Menards Home Improvement Topics: "Fixing that Leaky Faucet"

Posted at 10:57 AM, Jan 06, 2020
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Fixing a leaky faucet may not be as difficult as you might think. For most faucets it’s usually a simple fix and can take less than an hour. Faucets are an important part of your home but can be annoying when they start dripping.

 Screwdriver
 Slip-joint pliers
 Penetrating oil
 Allen Wrench, depending on the faucet

Depending on the faucet and the type of issue it has, you may need other items. You might also consider purchasing a new faucet as they come in different price points, styles, models or it may just be time to get a new one.


STEP ONE – You will first want to shut off your water supply. If your house does not have shutoffs for individual fixtures, you will need to shut off the main supply.
STEP TWO – Assess your faucet. Where is the leak coming from and what type of faucet is it? Is the leak coming from the base or the spout? Disassemble the faucet where the leak comes from. There are many different types of faucets and different parts based on the faucet type. There are one-handle, two-handle, pull-out, pulldown, just to name a few.
STEP THREE – Disassemble the faucet. Use your Allen wrench, screwdriver and/or your slip-joint pliers to get to where the problem is with the faucet.
STEP FOUR – Once you have found the problem, replace what may be worn or broken. This could be as simple as a washer or an O-ring, or be a little larger like a cartridge.
STEP FIVE – Make sure that the faucet is clean before reassembling. Inspect the pieces or holes in the faucet and clean them out if they are clogged or dirty, and then you can reassemble the faucet.

In the end, by investing some time to fix this problem, you wind up saving money. A small leak could waste anywhere from a few gallons of water to hundreds of gallons over the course of a year.

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