Menards Home Improvement Topics: "Fireplaces"

Menards Home Improvement Topics: "Fireplaces"
Posted at 4:29 PM, Dec 07, 2018

There are many options for you to choose from, but the right options can often depend where you want to put your fireplace. Creating a plan and researching your options is the smart way to start.


• Do not require venting as there is no source of combustion and no heat loss through a chimney.

• Many decorative styles to fit your needs and room.

• Great for supplemental heat. LP & NATURAL GAS

• Great source of supplemental heat.

• Provide the look of a wood burning fireplace or wood stove without the mess or work.

• Can be either vented or vent free. WOOD FIREPLACES • Helps to lower your heating bills.

• The ambiance, romance and scent of a wood fire are other great reasons to install on in your home.


• Typically cost less than vented fireplaces to operate and install. Have a 99.7% efficiency rating, and utilize the air already in the home. The burner in the gas heater is designed to burn and produce virtually no carbon monoxide or other hazardous fumes that need to be vented outside the home.

• Vent free products are not recommended for use in elevations over 5,000 feet.

• There are more limitations on Vent Free fireplaces due to local codes.


• Direct vent fireplaces are gas operated and heat rated.

• Vented needs a specific vent system to bring in and introduce fresh outside air and vent the exhaust from the unit outside the home.

• High efficiency and convenient installation are two of its features.

o Can be used practically anywhere

o Low cost installation due to compact and easy install

o Due to the sealed combustion technology, no full chimney is needed o Glass panel provides extra safety assurance

• Always check with the local code authority to get a list of acceptable types of units that may be installed in your homes or garages


There are many varieties to choose from including: o No cut block projects

o Portable fireplaces o Fire rings

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