Menards Home Improvement Topics: “Curb appeal pays off big time”

Curb Appeal
Posted at 10:35 AM, Apr 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-11 10:35:56-04

How attractive a home looks from the outside is often a good indication that a

homeowner also takes pride in the interior. You can improve your home’s

curb appeal with a few minor landscaping upgrades.

Clean and repair – Weed gardens, flower beds and edging, cut back

overgrown plants and shrubs that block windows or spill over walkways, trim

trees and power-wash paths, sidewalks and porches.

Focus on the front porch – Place potted evergreens or other plants at the

base of front steps, hang flowering baskets and replace worn welcome mats.

Block what’s ugly – Hide unsightly air conditioning units, meter boxes,

propane tanks, rusty sheds and more with plants or accessories.

Add Color – Edge sidewalks and tree bases and add brightly colored flowering


Rethink walkways – Carve a path to your front entry or seating area near your

yard’s most attractive spots, using gravel, wood chips or landscape blocks.

Refine foundations – Design landscaping beds closest to the front of your

home to look interesting year-round. Combine various types of plants, rocks,

mulch and shrubs with flowering annuals when perennials aren’t blooming.

Plant a tree – Trees can add much value to your home. They can help prevent

erosion, improve air quality and even reduce utility bills with the shade they


Add a structure – Fences, pergolas, arbors and landscape blocks can define

and complement different areas and promote year-round curb appeal.

Have a seat – Create a spot that invites people to sit out front. Place an

attractive bench beneath a large tree or tuck a bistro table and chairs on a porch

or amidst a densely flowered garden.

Light the way – Low-voltage outdoor lights can be used to define a walkway,

spotlight a tree, highlight landscaping, showcase shrubs or accent an entry way.

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