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Posted at 10:32 AM, Feb 17, 2020
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Your bathroom is the most intimate room in your house, so why shouldn’t it be beautiful? Whether it’s wear and tear or needs a change, an easy update might be just the solution. Here are some areas to look at when updating your bathroom:

Showerheads and Faucets
Showerheads: Fixed Mount, Handheld, Combo Showerhead, Slide bar, etc. Multiple Spray Settings, 2-in-1 Combined, Rain, etc.
Faucets: One Handle, Two Handle, Widespread, Vessel, etc.
Stainless Steel, Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Bronze are a few of the most common finishes. The finish is very important, so ask yourself some questions - Does it go well with you shower or vanity? Do you want a shiny finish or matte finish look?

Vanities and Vanity Tops
Vanities are another big piece to look at for your bathroom. A new vanity or vanity top can really change the style of a room in its entirety. Vanities come in a variety of types, colors and styles. Two of the main types are Freestanding and Wall Mounted.

The key to good lighting in your bathroom is layering. Think about the areas that need lighting, such as around the mirror and the tub area, which are the most important. Also consider the color that the light bulbs give off, that can change the whole mood of the room.

Complete your bathroom with matching hardware. You can match things like towel rods, toilet paper holders, hooks and bath cabinet knobs to your faucet, showerhead and even lighting fixtures. Looking at these little details can add that extra touch to make your bathroom your own.

Paint and Back Splashes
A fresh coat of paint can change the whole atmosphere of a room. Determine what color will compliment your vanity, faucet and hardware. You can even spruce up the vanity with a coat of paint. Another option is to place a back splash to give you an accent to your bathroom.

 Models - The two main models are One-Piece and Two-Piece. One-Piece has the tank attached, while a Two-Piece has a detached tank.
 Bowls - Elongated and Round are the two typical shapes of toilet bowls. Elongated Bowls are typically the most popular for being a larger seat where the Round Bowls are smaller.
 Toilet Seat - The toilet seat is another thing to consider. Some new toilets come with one included. They come in different shapes, materials, styles and colors.

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