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Toy storage
Posted at 2:08 PM, Jan 02, 2019
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A home with a child is a home filled with toys. Toys come from birthday parties, holiday gifts, fast-food kids’ meals and other occasions. You can't hide everything, but with a few interior design tricks and a little imagination, you can achieve balance. Control where toys are stored, what is seen and how they're presented, and your home will be comfortable and fun for children and still uncluttered and livable for grown-ups.

Bring in wicker baskets and decorative boxes to keep the most-used toys out of the way. Go with lids to keep toys completely hidden and place near side tables and next to fireplaces to blend in. In the kitchen, toss crayons and other art supplies into bottles for a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Dedicate shadow boxes to store and display smaller toys and collectibles and blend wood tones to surrounding décor or contrast colors. Turn an old media center into an open-air storage area. Keeping toys on the shelves and in the slots rather than on the floor will help them blend in. Plus, the kids will love playing video games on a TV surrounded by their favorite dolls, robots and toy trucks.

Transform an unused armoire into an instant storage center that hides the television and toys tucked inside. Spruce up the armoire with new knobs and a coat of paint to match or reflect the decor in the room. Buffet tables and dressers can work, too.

Purchase that bench seat you've always imagined for the living room bay window. Choose one with deep hidden storage that can double as a toy bin. For a larger home, consider an entire wall bench seat for even greater storage area. Or, add cabinets with colors or materials to match the living room as an elegant way to disguise toy containers.

The wall can continue to separate a family room, for example, but also hold board games and small baskets and boxes filled with Legos, puzzle pieces and playing cards. Reclaim staircase space. A closet beneath a staircase is the perfect place to hide toys or create extra play space. No closet, no problem, add a long console or ottoman with hidden storage.

Clear a bookshelf of books you will never read again and stock with toys in good condition to create a neat, contained toy space that is also easy to access. Or build upon living room or family room decor by adding matching storage cubes. Spend a little more for a unit with drawers to house unused toys.

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