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Menards Home Improvement Topic: Tools for Every Home

Posted at 8:10 AM, Aug 12, 2021

Every home should have a basic toolbox with necessary items to get a small project done. You probably have a hammer, or maybe a few other tools, or some people might have garage full of everything imaginable and become your best friend. Some of the tools listed below are perfect for basic household projects and repairs. Maybe it’s time to take inventory?

__ Philips Screwdriver: An “x-shape” can cover a wide range of screw types and sizes.
__ Flathead Screwdriver: A “straight” shape in a small, medium or large size is invaluable and can be used on most light switch plates and other projects.
__ Tape Measure: Helps estimate material quantities, figure out placement of objects, calculate floor plans and space for furniture.
__ Level: Takes the guesswork out of eyeballing a picture frame.
__ Utility Knife: Use to remove paint around windows and cut drywall, carpet and boxes.
__ Hammer: Pound or pull nails, crowbar action and tapping things into place.
__ Putty Knife: Ideal for scraping glue and paint or spreading putty, paste or spackle.
__ Nail Set: Sink nail heads below the surface of the wood prior to filling and sanding.
__ Combination Square: Great for scribing 45 or 90 degree angles, also a straight edge.
__ Pliers: Jaws hold objects firmly plus used for pulling, pinching or bending materials.
__ Crescent Wrench: Sturdier version of an adjustable pliers, small or very large sizes.
__ Wire Stripper: Has a blade for cutting wire or removing plastic wire coatings.
__ Allen Wrenches: Used to tighten hexagon screws on assembled furniture or bicycles.
__ Cordless or Power Drill: Using drill bits to create holes or turn screws.
__ Electrical Cord: Use with electrical-powered yard or power tools, come in many sizes.
__ C-Clamp: Hold pieces of wood, metal or plastic together prior to gluing or sawing.
__ Flashlight: Good for power outages or making repairs in dark, cramped spaces.
__ Step-stool or Ladder: When painting, changing lights, cleaning or working on fixtures.
__ Broom and Dust Pan: Easy clean-up when projects get messy.

Proper storage of all your tools is also important so you can care for them plus easily find them when needed. A tool box, storage cabinet or peg board with hooks are common options.

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